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Improving and managing your lifestyle on every level of spirit, mind and body allows virtues of balance, confidence and strength to effortlessly permeate every sphere of your life.

You are the only person that can consciously make the decision to change and shift your state of being. So… what are you waiting for? Challenge yourself to be everything your mind can conceive and your body can experience!


Assisting women to Shift their Lifestyles. Combining simple self defense techniques and skills with exercises focusing on one's emotions and psyche to Empower, Increase self confidence and awareness, Harness a positive attitude, protect one's self and believe in one's self
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• Examining one’s State of mind, attitude and internal dialogue. Placing focus on one’s thoughts, words, actions and behaviours.
• Learning about the power of acceptance and forgiveness. Placing focus on the importance of clarity, intention and keeping the ‘end in mind’.
• Exploring the inherent internal power one has to manifest their goals, dreams and hopes.
• Learning the power of Affirmation and Abundance. Exploring the role that hope, faith and belief plays in one’s life.
• Learning the power of association and what it means to clean out the clutter from one’s physical state of being as well as one’s mind.
• Exploring the importance of “ME” time and scared spaces. Learning how to create a sacred space for one’s self.
• The importance of meditation and Tai Chi as a form of spirituality or stress management in one’s life. Learning how to attain a peaceful state of being and focused state of mind for a healthy lifestyle.


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