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2015-07-27, 08:50
The granola muffins are not only absolutely delicious, it has the healthy ingredients that our bodies require to function properly. It's a must try product! Believe me, you will be hooked :)
2013-07-30, 08:54
I've had the privilege of working with Sarisha in the environmental field. Her passion for this work comes through in everything she does. Her approach is intelligent and her knowledge gives her the ability to execute tasks efficiently and professionally.
Mandy Rambharos
2013-07-30, 08:52
Sarisha's Reiki skills are amazing. She is simply gifted. Her ability to understand one's mindset, listen in a kind non judgmental manner and provide sound advice is testament to her dedication. Thank you!
Mandy Rambharos
2013-07-30, 08:47
The self defense workshop was fantastic. I learned so many important techniques for defense, relaxation and nutrition in just one workshop. The atmosphere was relaxed and inviting. Cannot wait for the follow-up.
2013-07-03, 10:57
The self defense demo was an absolute blast and had learnt quite a lot in those hours that we had. Great interaction with the instructors, they were clear and concise and demonstrated everything properly. We just wish it had gone on for the entire day! It is so important to have a basic idea of how to defend yourself without using “anger” itself. It’s about playing it smart and working with the energy that is going against you. We instantly became more aware of how to use that concept to defend ourselves at a basic level. As women, we are always vulnerable to dangers that can happen at any time of the day and this had made me more confident to put our foot down and say NO to the situation with our bodies. You just gotta believe it!
Lerato Cynthia Morabe
2013-06-26, 09:30
My personal experience with the workshop was life changing. I gained mental and emotional strength. It was a great platform to release suppressed fears and regrets. The absolute highlight however was the self defense techniques. I am confident that if I found myself in a smash and grab, mugging, hijack, harassment etc situations I would be confident in knowing exactly how to respond as oppose to being the victim overwhelmed by emotions. Big up to Gotta Believe It!
2013-06-25, 15:02
The self defense class is a must for all. Lots of fun and most importantly I feel confident that I will be able to defend myself should the need arise