Climate Change

env03Interactions between mankind and the environment are complex and the resources used to fulfill everyday requirements are vulnerable and subject to pressures placing greater stress on ecological systems. This has resulted in a marked increase in Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG) and in the global phenomenon now known as climate change. An anthropogenic increase in GHG will directly impact on the Earth’s natural ability to sink/sequester carbon based on differing rates of sequestration and emissions. Gotta Believe it (PTY) Ltd is focused on creating innovative business solutions to assist our planet in adapting to this change.

o Mitigation and Adaptation
o Gender and Climate Change: Mitigation and Adaptation
o Waste Management and Energy efficiency
o Greening: Urban and Residential
o Strategy and Policy: analysis and advisory
o Landuse sector: Reforestation and Carbon sequestration
o International UNFCCC Negotiations