Gert Nel

Head Martial Arts Instructor and Owner of
World of Martial Arts


World of Martial Arts was originally established by Gert Nel in 1998 with the help of Ryan Richards, Jose Andrade, Robert and Sache Ernst. Insights and training are offered from the roots of the ancient Chinese and Japanese Arts, to their place and application in the Modern World. This allows the practitioner to understand that the most effective Martial Arts lie in-between Tradition and Evolution. Gert Nel has trained in the martial arts industry for more than 30 years and is still practicing the Arts as an Instructor, giving back to society on a daily basis.
1990 – Awarded Black Belt in Gu jaru karate.
1992 - Trained under Sifu Rafi Anteby
1998 – Awarded Black Belt in Kung Fu
2005 – Awarded Black Belt in Kickboxing

Teachers include:
Sensei John Edman - Gujaru Karate
Sifu Rafi Anteby - Hung Gar Kung Fu
Demitri Blimes - Former Russian Kick Boxing Champion
Shiaan Esron Magonu - Kyokshin Full Contact Karate
Danny Chu - Tai Chi and 8 Step Praying Mantis Kung Fu
Jose de Andrade - Senior Head, Amok Knife Fighting in South Africa
Sacha Ernst - Senior Head, Wing Tsun in South Africa, Mladen Bobic – Tai Boxing SA