Sarisha Ramanand


  • o Gotta Believe it conceptual designer
  • o Environmental Consultant
  • o Author of Gotta Believe it workshops and Programmes


Owner and Director of Gotta Believe it (PTY) Ltd.

My character is my brand! Our future generations rely on us to leave behind a planet that will sustainably support their lifestyles, dreams and goals. I believe that if you have the ability to make a positive difference then you have the responsibility to do so. Gotta Believe it (PTY) Ltd echoes positivity and is an illustration to the world that one person can make a difference. It is not only exciting for me to live such a blessed life but also a very humbling experience – “just when you think you have achieved, you are shown that with a leap of faith and a firm belief in yourself and your abilities, you can reach greater heights”. I believe it is time to venture into a lifestyle that promotes a healthy body, mind and spirit. Give yourself the gift of a healthy Lifestyle!

o    Gotta Believe it (PTY) Ltd conceptual designer
o    Environmental Consultant
o    Author of Gotta Believe it (PTY) Ltd workshops and Programmes

Credentials and Experience
-    Bachelor of Science ( Geographical Sciences)
-    Bachelor of Science Honours (Geography and Environmental Management)
-    Master of Science (Environmental Sciences and Climate Change)
-    Martial Arts Student and Instructor (MMA, Tai Chi, Self Defense, Kung Fu)
-    Reiki Practitioner details to: Advanced Reiki Practitioner, RASA accredited (Jikiden, Usui Shiki Ryoho).

Employers and forums include: The South African National Government, Non-Governmental Organisations, University of KwaZulu Natal (South Africa), The United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change (UNFCCC), Southern African Development Community and The East African Community.

Awards and Achievements:
-    Award of Recognition by the Durban Youth Council (KwaZulu Natal, South Africa) for playing a leading role in society as a young woman leader for Climate Change issues.
-    Guest speaker (Gender and Climate Change) at the Department of Social Development: Women Empowerment and Adaptation to climate change.
-    Guest of Honour for playing an educative role in society, Orient Heights Primary School (Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa)
-   Media Coverage in various provinces in South Africa: for playing a leading role as a young woman leader in Climate Change issues. Newspapers include, The Natal Witness, Public Eye, Sandton Chronicle, Fourways Review; and national radio and television, East Coast Radio and Spirit Sundae, respectively.