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Changing from current consumption patterns, a fast pace growing economy and social situations that appear bleaker in this day and age is an intricate and difficult problem.It is almost impossible to place a value on nature and the services it provides, if we continue to deplete the planet's
resources the consequences will be profound! Gotta Believe it (PTY) Ltd is committed to ensuring that the principles of Environmental Integrity, Social upliftment and Economic growth is upheld through all of the consultancy services provided.

A society of sound mind, healthy physique and a soaring spirit promotes a healthy planet. Gotta Believe it (PTY) Ltd is committed to Empowering and Inspiring people to live more purposeful lives with our Lifestyle Management programmes and Women Empowerment concepts.
We believe that with a positive attitude and belief in yourself, everything becomes possible. Shifting your lifestyle is the key to living your best life, so make every step count... To achieve it, YOU Gotta Believe it!


homepicGotta Believe it (PTY) Ltd was established by Sarisha Ramanand in 2012 with the aims of:
• Providing an environmental consultancy service towards mitigating and adapting to climate change.
• Increasing environmental consciousness, promoting sustainable development and the upliftment of society as a whole
• Creating a healthier planet by uplifting and educating society through Lifestyle Management Programmes and Workshops
• Creating a platform where society is given the opportunity to focus on their well being in a holistic manner; physically, emotionally and psychologically
• Allowing people to harness their full potential and implement life skills that aid in coping with the stresses of a fast-paced Lifestyle
Globally we are culturally, ethnically and morally diffused. We have myriads of diversity in culture, morals, values, principles, language, creed and traditions. It is almost impossible to be doing the ‘right thing’ at the same time considering we are unique and culturally different. However, with a collective effort the ‘right thing’ can be achieved with a society that believes, even the smallest changes can make a difference for a healthier planet. Our thoughts create our perceptions, which then create our beliefs. These beliefs dictate and shape our actions and behaviours, which in turn becomes our character. We create the realities and the world that we live in. Therefore, we all have the individual responsibility to not just be aware but to be conscious of our impact on the environment and each other. Gotta Believe it (PTY) Ltd aids in reducing the gap between a fast paced world and living a harmonious and balanced lifestyle.


2013-07-03, 10:57
The self defense demo was an absolute blast and had learnt quite a lot in those hours that we had. Great interaction with the instructors, they were c...
Mandy Rambharos
2013-07-30, 08:52
Sarisha's Reiki skills are amazing. She is simply gifted. Her ability to understand one's mindset, listen in a kind non judgmental manner and provide ...
Mandy Rambharos
2013-07-30, 08:47
The self defense workshop was fantastic. I learned so many important techniques for defense, relaxation and nutrition in just one workshop. The atmosp...